Superintendent Of Schools

Male Superintendent

Dr. Robert Miller

About Me:

I am humbled and honored to have been selected as your new Superintendent. I am equally excited to begin the work of learning all about you and your outstanding school district. I come to you with 20 years of educational leadership experience, including having spent time as Acting Superintendent for the Ridgefield Public Schools in 2018. What I have learned in my positions of leadership is that a new leader in an organization must first learn the people, culture, and organizational practices. Amongst all aspects of the daily tasks needed of a new leader, in order to be successful, time must be spent learning all he or she can learn about the district. My intent is to do just that. I want to embed myself into the school district in order to integrate my values, experiences, and leadership style into the Oxford Public Schools. This means I need to take the time to learn all about you. To do so means I need to ask, listen, and engage in dialogue with you as we embark on our work together.

I have always held an open door, phone, and email policy. Please know that if you have something important to share with me or ask, I am here for you. I hope over the next few months to gain your trust in my leadership and I look forward to partnering with you as we celebrate our past successes, keep the district moving forward aligned to the current goals in place, and collaboratively adjust our plans as we see necessary together. Shall we get to work?