The Curriculum Council


The Oxford Public School District’s Curriculum Council ensures consistent and reflective implementation of curriculum which guides student growth and development.


The Oxford Public School District’s Curriculum Council provides a sound, purposeful, and continuous process that informs an engaging and aligned curricula.


n order for the Oxford Public School District students to achieve academic success, the Curriculum Council will provide information, recommendations, and guidance to ensure that all curriculum meets 21st century learning expectations and is comprehensive, rigorous, and achievable. 

Curriculum Council/Vertical Articulation Goals and Objectives

  • Keep current with educational research and trends
  • Create a process for continuous reflection, revision, and improvement of K-12 curriculum and instruction (classroom walkthroughs)
  • Provide direction for procurement of resources and support for staff



  • Schedule meetings as needed with sub committees of the vertical articulation team.
  • Provide support with curriculum writing.
  • Continuous development and reflection of curriculum in all areas