Food, Health and Safety

Asbestos Announcement

Abestos Notice 2017.pdf

Notice to Parents, Faculty and Staff (September 29, 2917)

Food Allergy Management

foodallergy policy.pdf

OPS Food Allergy Policy


SDE Guidelines

Green Cleaning Program in Schools (CT PA 09-81)

DEEP commissioned its own "mythbusting" team to educate school employees and parents about the hazards of common cleaning products while showing the benefit and effectiveness of using green cleaners. In this video parody of the popular Discovery Channel television show, the Wastebusters work with scientists to prove that green cleaning products work as well as regular cleaners.


Green Cleaning Program in Schools Statement

Hazard Communication Program


Hazard Communication Program

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Backgrounder 2016.pdf

Indoor Air Quality Backgrounder: The Basics

Lead Testing Letter of Transmittal

Oxford Schools Lead Testing - Letter of Transmittal.pdf

Lead Testing in Oxford Schools' Water

Lice Treatment

Lice Treatment Guide.pdf

Lice Treatment Guide

2020-2021 Immunization Requirements

2020-21 School Requirements insert.pdf

Immunization Requirements for Enrolled Students in Connecticut Schools